Shannon Abbott 

Shamanic Reiki Practitioner

“I use Shamanic Reiki to help my clients access their body’s innate healing wisdom. I act as a conduit for their connection to Divine and Earth energy to heal physically, spiritually and mentally.”

What is Shamanic Reiki?

Reiki is a form of energy healing from Japan. The word Reiki translates to spiritually guided life force energy. Reiki is a way of guiding that life force energy to someone to aid in healing. 

Shamanic practices are ones that call on the energies of nature to remove or unblock stuck and stagnant energies in the body. 

Combining Reiki and Shamanic practices creates a powerful foundation for a deeply healing experience. 

While Shamanic Reiki is a spiritual practice for Shannon, Shamanic Reiki is not a religion or dogma and is accessible to all belief systems.

Who is Shannon?

Shannon is a Reiki Master and Certified as a Shamanic Reiki Practitioner. A lifelong learner, she is currently training in more advanced Shamanic practices as well as Shamanic Breathwork.

Shannon brings deep commitment into helping people discover their inner wisdom and strength while accessing their innate healing abilities.

Her passion stems from witnessing the profound and transformative impact of energy healing in her personal journey of releasing traumas and self-healing.

Trauma can exist in the body long after the traumatic event. Shannon believes that everyone deserves to be healed in a way that makes them feel safe.

Shannon possesses a wealth of experience and an open heart.

This combined with her natural ability has allowed her to hold space for healing for those experiencing physical and mental trauma or difficulties. Her expertise even extends to supporting infants in utero and guiding individuals through the transition of death.

Services and Scheduling

Free Introductory Call

Have the opportunity to: 

In Person Adult Session

Sessions can either be scheduled in 60 or 90 minute increments

Virtual Adult Sessions

Energy transcends time and space so powerful healing sessions can be enjoyed virtually in the comfort of your own environment.

Sessions can either be scheduled in 60 or 90 minute increments

Virtual Children's Sessions

Sessions for children ages 1-12 years old will all be held virtually. This allows the child to participate at an age appropriate level and be in their own environment.

These sessions are 30 minutes.

In Person Child Session

For newborn-1yrs and 12+ in person sessions are an option. 

These sessions are 30 minutes

Shamanic Journey

For clients who have worked with Shannon and have a specific intention, Shannon will do a Shamanic journey on behalf of you or guide you on a Shamanic journey related to that intention

Not all topics are appropriate for a stand alone Shamanic Journey but in booking Shannon will aid you in discerning what session is best if not a 30 min journey. This service is offered remotely. 

Energetic Clearing

In the same ways energies can get stuck in our bodies so too can energies get stuck in our homes.

Energetic clearings can be done to balance the flow of energy within your home or other environment.

Duration and cost vary. Please email with you specific needs to get a quote

Group Sessions and Classes

Shannon offers classes and group sessions which include energetic self-care, as well as tools and practices for self empowerment and personal growth

To schedule:

Call or text 507-338-8986

What to Expect

During the Session

The session will begin with a consultation during which you will have the opportunity to ask any questions, discuss any specific areas you want to work on, and express any desired outcomes you are hoping for.

You will then lay fully clothed on the table. Shannon will hover her hands over your body sensing the energetic flow of your body and addressing what is found. 

Most people experience a deep sense of calm and safety. Other people may also experience releases of physical sensations, temperature changes, as well as releases of emotions. 

The session may include energetic cord cutting, chakra spinning, soul retrieval, and/or guided shamanic journey. 

To conclude the session Shannon will explain what was worked on, provide clarification or information as well as options for you to continue your own healing after the session.

Benefits/After the Session

Since Shamanic Reiki works on the energetic body it is incredibly versatile and can aid in the healing of physical, mental, and spiritual body. 

Studies have proven that Reiki can reduce pain, increase overall well-being, provide relief of depression and anxiety symptoms, and other physical and psychological concerns.


"I recently enjoyed a relaxing online Reiki experience with Shannon. She is kind, compassionate, and wonderful at what she does." -Susan H.

"I had the most relaxing session with Shannon! I left my session feeling calm, centered, present, and relaxed. She is truly talented with her energy healing." -Danielle W.

"Patience, compassion, and pure joy is what Shannon brings to each healing session. Her healing is powerful and she is amazing at what she does. I would highly recommend her!" - Jordan S.

"Shannon's presence is pure love. She brings calm, compassion, and authenticity to her work. I would highly recommend her Reiki healing to anyone!" - Paula M.

"Shannon was highly accurate in picking up on some energy that was needing to be released. I felt very safe to be myself with Shannon right off the bat. I will definitely be doing some more work with her and recommending her to many others..." -Derrick I.

"Shannon has such a calm presence about her. She was able to make me feel comfortable immediately. She was very detailed in explaining what she was noticing for me and all of it really insightful. She has a gift and I highly recommend sessions with her!" -Kaylin T.

"Shannon's gift of vision took me on the most vivid journey of what needed to be released in my life at that very moment. She lifted layers away with ease and grace as her technique was calming, yet powerful and extremely effective. She brought closure to a gaping hole in my heart that has afflicted me for this entire lifetime. Where there was once only pain, there is now peace... I feel unburdened and dare I say joy! It was an enlightening experience and I am truly grateful" - Sabrina L.

"Shannon's natural calming ability created a serene atmosphere, allowing me to feel truly relaxed during our session. What sets Shannon apart is her genuine dedication to healing without any pushy sales tactics... Her sincere interest in helping and healing shines through, making her the real deal. I highly recommend Shannon for a truly authentic and effective healing journey." -Nick S.

I feel so honored and grateful to be able to walk along side people in their healing journey. Here is what a few people had to say about that experience. -Shannon